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An SEO Expert is charged with understanding the various algorithms of the search engines and to design and or modify web pages based on the ever-changing standards of Google, Yahoo, Bing, as well as many other major search engines. We do this so that our clients can feel confident that users will find them on the first page of any given search query.

The biggest challenge in being an SEO Expert is competing against each other for the best positioning on the Internet. Everyone wants to be number one, so it's actually a good thing that search engines are now weighing in additional criteria outside of just quality content.

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Imagine what would happen if every company had an SEO Expert, and every page was optimized exactly the same, following the most current standard for search engine optimization.

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In 2011, we are shifting our focus to training, teaching, and building more free search engine marketing and optimization products that we know will help increase natural traffic to your website from inbound marketing. Consider this, when someone searches Google or Bing, they are looking specifically for what you offer. Whereas, if they click on a banner ad somewhere else online, it's most-likely an impulse click, meaning there is a lower probability of actually converting that visitor into a paying customer. Attend one of our 90-minute workshops to learn SEO online for only $9.95. Select the button above to get a complimentary pass to the first event in the series.

Features & Awards

Featured in Entrepreneur MagazineFeatured in National Journal MagazineFeatured in Fortune Magazine / CNN MoneyFeatured in Response Magazine
Featured in the Marketing Sherpa BlogFeatured in Visibility MagazineWinner of the 2006 CCA GREAT AwardEarned an Army Achievement Medal 1996 - US Army Infantry

Beyond SEO

So we are proactive in helping our clients secure quality incoming links, because link development is an important responsibility of an SEO Expert. We understand the value of providing the most relevant search result, creating pages users want to link to, and most of all the value of our integrity to what we do.

Even though we compete against each other, you'll still find us in social communities, collaborating and sharing ideas. Okay, most of the time our dialog is more of an argument driven by ego. But how can you call yourself an Expert in any field without some level of ego? We are proud of our search engine rankings, and strive to provide better stickiness in the results pages by pinging RSS readers, syndicating keyword-rich content, and building relationships that result in more links.

Sample of Client Analytics from SEO Consulting Services

Sample of Awesome Statistics from SEO Consulting

Affiliations and networking play a critical part in being an SEO Expert. It's our affiliates who post links for us and our network for which we solicit our services. Most of the time we have to explain what SEO is multiple times to our clients, and frequently we SEO Experts give away our strategies in order to prove that we know our way around the world of SEO. But in the end, it's our savy that helps us drive incredible amounts of traffic to our sites and our clients' sites.

Past and Present Projects

Belkin.com ECommerce Search Optimization & Marketing StrategyManaged PPC and SEO for Disneyland.com and AdventuresByDisney.comInternet Services Coordinator for Paciolan - a Ticketmaster CompanyManaged PPC for Egencia (Expedia Corporate at the Time)
SEO Strategy: ZOHO ProjectsSEO Strategy: Shine.comPPC and SEO Strategy for FlirtCatalog.comSEO Strategy and Support for Templatic

Expert Advice - SEO Best Practices

Any SEO Expert you speak with should have some piece of literature they wrote themselves on the topic of SEO. They should provide you with a portfolio of sites and keywords targeted by each to prove that they can do the same for you. Both of these contingencies help define what each SEO Expert considers to be their SEO Best Practices, all of which should be ethical strategies for achieving optimal ranking in the search engines.

  • All Pages Should Conform with W3C Standards
  • Keyword Density is Never Abusive
  • Always Include: robots.txt, sitemap.xml, & Privacy Policies
  • Keywords are Prominent in the Title, META tags, & Headings
  • ALT Tags and Title Tags are Not Forgotten
  • Nomenclature is Fundamental to Being Indexed

SEO Expert Code of Ethics

Without guidelines we have SEO chaos. By adhering to these guidelines, we mold them into principles; and principles are unbreakable. Being an SEO Expert means never spamming the search engines. It means when we optimize a web page for indexing, we do so understanding that the page being indexed is actually useful to those who find and read it.

If we go beyond just on-page SEO, and support our clients with link building strategy, we do so understanding that link farms and unrelated sites can get our clients penalized. "Black Hat" SEO will discredit our ability to get our clients indexed the natural or organic way. We are committed to being ethical and practical in our methodologies.

Search Engine Optimization Services

As my portfolio of websites increases, the amount of freelance SEO projects I take on decreases. Because each site I work on is representational of my SEO Expert abilities, I typically spend several hours above and beyond what I agree to in my contracts. Therefore, I have to limit my projects to businesses serious about their search engine placement.

Search Engine Marketing & SEO Support

As a leading SEO authority, my team is fully staffed with SEO Experts, Link Building Professionals, and now a Google AdWords Experts ready to handle PPC audits and bid optimization. Standard SEO/SEM account management typically includes the following:

  • Over the Phone Consultations
  • Page-Level SEO Analysis (if applicable)
  • Site-Level Web Crawler-Friendliness
  • Competitor Strategy Discovery
  • Competitor Back Link & Industry Analysis
  • Baseline Search Engine Ranking Reports
  • Discovery of the "Best Keywords" to Target
  • SEO Site Architecture / Framework Recommendations
  • Additional Ranking Reports (Post-Launch)

Visit our SEO Expert Blog to keep up-to-date with what's new in SEO. It's, where our team of SEO Experts help all types of businesses rank higher in the search results with practices used by Fortune 100 companies, SMB's, and local businesses.

Imagine running your own SEO-based website without the need for a programmer or webmaster. Thanks to an open-source platform called Wordpress, we've uncovered a strategy that will allow any business to create their own keyword-rich content in a way that can be syndicated, easily shared, and integrated with engaging video and other media. SEO in a Day is our newest, completely FREE, SEO eBook. If after reading the step-by-step techniques you decide to have us do the installation and customization, we do offer that service at a very affordable rate.

Thanks for reading our SEO Expert page. We look forward to helping you with your search engine optimization needs.

Steve Wiideman

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